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Canadian Gem proudly offers the most complete selection of pearls and pearl related jewellery in North America. Our Product Range includes all varieties of pearls at various price ranges.

Pearl Education

We believe that the more you learn about pearls, the more you will appreciate this truly unique gift of nature. It’s composition, history and birth can be compared to no other precious gem on the planet.

Helping Communities

From the communities that create and harvest pearls, to the cities where we work and live, Canadian Gem is committed in maintaining the highest industry standards as well as helping and improving the lives of community members via partnerships with schools such as the EGM (Ecole de Gemmologie de Montreal) and the YMCA.

About Us

Since 1978, Canadian Gem has supplied retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers with the most complete selection of loose cultured pearls and pearl jewelry. We specialize in developing pearl jewelry programs for large retail chains mostly across North America. Our large and constantly growing database of designs and inventory, our worldwide contacts, offices, partnerships as well as our unsurpassed expertise allow us to custom design programs unique to each client.

Years in business
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History & Milestones

1973 – Humble Beginings

A small family retail business is born in the form of a jewelry and accessories store near downtown Montreal.

1970’s Wholesaling

The company expands and forms a manufacturing and wholesale division with an office downtown focusing on high end pearl jewelry.

1980’s Growth

Imports of pearls grow and represent a third of all pearl imports into Canada. This is fueled by the demand for more of our in house designed and manufactured product.

1990’s Big Leagues

Canadian Gem moves to the Scotia tower downtown Montreal and is an early adopter in computers, management software and B2B communication platforms like EDI.

2000’s Expansion

With solid footing and a stable business model, expansion starts in the form of buying offices in Asia and selling/service offices in the USA and overseas.

2010’s Focus

With the 2008 US Recession hitting the jewelry segment hard, expansion is slowed and replaced by a focus on core competencies which leads to the re-launch of the Nishi Pearls brand in North America.

Our Team

Pierre Akkelian
Papken Akkelian
Vice President
Arka Akkelian
Operations Manager
Lina Nobile
Sales & Marketing Manager
Jurate Valiukonyte
Sales & Marketing Coordinator
Sara Kalucki
Brand Coordinator
Alique Akkelian
Creative Director
Carelle Ongali
Production Manager
Garo Zoulamian
Factory & QC Manager
Karno Akkelian
QC Assistant
Nathalie Eskidjian
Receiving and production coordinator
Production Team
Luis Urbina
I.T. Manager
Theyde De Mico
Rita Matossian
Special Orders

Pearl Education

Pearls are one of nature’s most intriguing and captivating gems. Their composition as well as the process by which they come to exist are unique. Understanding how to grade and value pearls based on their type, shape, color, luster and surface quality takes years of learning and practice.

The CPAA (Cultured Pearl Association of America) has put together a very comprehensive and interesting pearl grading online course. It is geared towards people that are mostly new to pearls and wish to gain a deeper understanding but at the same time the course can teach a thing or two to the most experiences pearl specialists. Canadian Gem has partnered with the CPAA to offer this course that is normally 599 USD free of charge until December 2017! Please send us an email at info@canadiangem.com for more information if you are interested.




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