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Canadian Gem proudly offers the most complete selection of cultured pearls and pearl related products in North America. Our product range includes pearl varieties from around the world including Akoya, Freshwater, Tahitian, South Sea, Keshi, Kasumiga and others. With buying offices overseas as well as local gemologists, we insure that our strict guidelines for quality control are respected so that we can offer a quality product at the best price to our clients.

Freshwater Pearls

Canadian Gem pioneered the introduction and acceptance of freshwater pearls in Canada.

As early as the 1970s, we were importing and designing jewelry using freshwater cultured pearls.

Today we offer the most comprehensive selection of white, natural color and fancy freshwater pearl jewelry.

Tahitian Pearls

With our direct access to Tahitian pearl farms and our presence at major Tahitian pearl auctions, we are able to carry an inventory with unparalleled depth or breadth.

This also allows us the flexibility of designing unique items that require very specific shapes or sizes of pearls.

South Sea Pearls

Found in the waters of Australia, the Philippines and Indonesia, South Sea Pearls are the most luxurious of pearls.
Our first imports of the white South Sea pearls dates back 30 years with the golden variety added soon thereafter.

Akoya Pearls

As the symbol of the classic strand of white pearls, the Akoya pearl never goes out of style.

Canadian Gem has carried the Akoya variety of pearl since our inception in 1978 and continue to carry some of the highest quality and rarest Akoya pearls in the North American market.